BIGGAR primary school kids are spearheading a campaign to improve education at their parnter school in Tanzania.

Leading up to Christmas they hope to raise �10,000 for a new teacher's house in Gelai Bomba school.

In Tanzania the number of children compared to the number of teachers is 54:1.

Half of the African country's population are 15-years-old or under - putting high demand on the supply of teachers.

And in Gelai Bomba there are approximately 750 pupils in nine classrooms, compared to Biggar's 258 in the nine rooms.

Building a teacher's house for Biggar Primary's partner school will guarantee provision by the local government of an additional teacher - benefiting the children's right to education.

A spokesperson from Biggar Primary School told the Peeblesshire News: "The plan is to raise the money between now and Christmas. "This Giving of Rights Project aims to support equity and promote an understanding of global citizenship in the partnership communities. "The next months will see each class in Biggar Primary engaging in the Project through an enterprise activity." And the Peeblesshire News was told how the venture a joint project is supported by the Biggar Community Council as well as other local bodies.

During the same period the Rotary Club of Biggar will be donating the proceeds of a Ceilidh Dance on November 3 and Biggar High School pupils will be donating the proceeds of their first charity fundraising day this session.

A Jambo Jamboree will be held in the afternoon of Friday, November 9. In addition, the Primary 7 kids will be organizing the viewing of a film at a children's cinema night at the Corn Exchange in Biggar on November 28.

Primary 5 have taken on the responsibility for putting together and marketing a calendar relating to the Project and Primary 4 will be creating African themed ceramic coasters and teapot stands. The Biggar Primary School spokesperson continued: "The commitment to reach this target despite the tight time frame unites the Biggar community. "For its part, Biggar Primary is demonstrating how a theme can be translated into a 'can do' ethos combined with practical school experience." Head teacher Heather Graham has spoken out about the upcoming charity campaign.

She told us: "This project is empowering pupils to be not only members of their school, but also responsible citizens who see that their actions can benefit their local community and the wider world." Anyone wishing to support the project can do so either through the above events, or by making a direct donation to Biggar Primary School.