A SHOPKEEPER from Biggar will made acting debut in Scotland's only current homegrown soap opera.

Clare Yuille made her first appearance as Superintendent Ellen Cole in BBC Scotland's primetime show River City on BBC1 on Tuesday, November 27, at 8pm.

Her character is an energetic reformer who is committed to dragging the local police force into the 21st century.

She doesn't suffer fools gladly, especially when it seems that some of her colleagues may not be telling the whole truth.

Clare, who runs gifts boutique Plaisir with Anthony Bowers, said: "I'm delighted to be in River City and to be playing such a strong and interesting character.

"Ellen's climbed the ranks of the police force very quickly and is incredibly passionate about her job.

"She holds herself up to the highest standards and expects other officers to do the same - or face the consequences. She's a thrilling character to play."

Anthony will also be in the spotlight when he appear in a lavish production of the well-loved musical White Christmas at Pitlochry Festival Theatre later this month.

He is well-known for his popular jazz and swing concerts at Biggar's Corn Exchange.

He said: "Pitlochry already enjoys an international reputation for its musicals, but this is the biggest show they've ever staged. I think jaw-dropping is a good description!"