THE Scottish Enterprising Mathematics competition is held annually and a team of two S3 and two S4 pupils from each school compete in a regional competition day.

The day consists of four challenging rounds of mathematical problem solving style questions and puzzles.

This year Peebles High School was represented by Keira Farmer and Rory Shaw from S3, and James Walpole and Hamish McKenzie from S4. The regional competition was held in September and Peebles High School won this by a clear margin.

This meant that the school entered into the Scottish Finals for the competition.

The pupils travelled through to the Science Centre in Glasgow last month for the all-Scotland Final and the team achieved Peebles’ best ever result coming in 20th place.

This is a real achievement and the Mathematics department are all very proud of them - well done Keira, Rory, James and Hamish.

The pupils are pictured with maths teacher Sam McHenry and deputy head teacher Paul Fagan.