TRAVELLERS are celebrating after the opening of a brand new bus layby and shelter on the approach from West Linton to Dolphinton.

In 2014 residents of the villages told Tweeddale MSP Christine Grahame about the dangers for passengers boarding busses on the southbound carriageway of the A702 near The Old Creamery.

An unlit grass verge beside a 60mph road had become a well-used but unofficial bus stop on the busy Edinburgh to Dumfries route.

And after months of negotiation the MSP has managed to convince Transport Scotland to install a shelter.

Now residents of nearby houses and Garvald West Linton, which is home to around 40 residents with learning disabilities, are able to board more safely.

Ms Grahame told us: "This has been two and a half years in the making, but we have finally got our layby and bus shelter.

"I have congratulated the constituent who first raised this with me and got the campaign started.

"It’s taken a lot of patience but I am grateful to Transport Scotland for their co-operation in delivering this project which will greatly improve the safety of bus passengers using this stop and indeed of other road users, with buses now able to leave the main carriageway to pick passengers up and set them down.

"I’m now looking into extending the 40mph limit from Dolphinton along to The Old Creamery to make the crossing even safer."

Robert Crichton, the manager of Garvald West Linton added: "Garvald West Linton is delighted with the new layby and bus shelter.

"It is a great contribution to road safety and comfort for both the people who use our service and our staff.

"We are grateful to those who campaigned for this development and look forward to the creation of a 40mph speed limit on the approach to Dolphinton."