PEEBLES will host its first major walk to help change the way people think about mental health.

The Walk a Mile event is being arranged by See Me community champion Bridget Dickson, who wants to get the town talking about the issue.

The event, which is taking place on March 25, is aimed to show that mental health can be a topic of everyday conversations.

Bridget told the Peeblesshire News: "It’s good to walk and it’s good to talk, so I want people to get together in beautiful Peebles and do both to put a stop to stigma and discrimination associated with mental health issues. 

"After all, one out of every four of us will be affected by some form of poor mental health in our lifetime.

"It is so important that people who already feel isolated are not ostracised simply because of an illness. 

"With greater conversation on these issues there will come greater understanding."

Calum Irving, See Me director, added: "Mental health affects all of us, but there is still a stigma around it. To tackle this properly people need to understand that it is okay not to be okay.

"One of the best ways to change how people think and behave is to make mental health a topic in day to day conversation, rather than a taboo subject people don’t want to talk about."

The Walk will begin at 10.30am next Saturday at School Brae, Peebles. Register at