RESIDENTS across Peeblesshire are urged to voice their opinions on SBC-owned buildings and open spaces.

Following a public meeting on Wednesday, March 8 at the Burgh Hall in Peebles, Scottish Borders Council now want to hear from locals online to find out which buildings and open spaces matter to them the most.

The meeting covered details such as; the properties SBC have in the community and area, local needs and requirements for properties, property issues and developments for Public Services and opportunities for communities and collaborative working.

The council is looking to engage further with communities in the development of Property Plans for each locality, start an ongoing conversation with communities about the sustainable use and availability of properties to meet their needs, plus inform plans for Community Planning Partner's estates.

The authority also wants to look into ways how the buildings and spaces could be used more efficiently and effectively.

An online questionnaire can be found at:

The deadline for responses is Friday, March 31, 2017.