TWO Innerleithen dancers are showing no signs of stopping – despite turning 90.

John Laidlaw and John Knox have both been members of the St Ronan’s Scottish Country Dance Club for almost 40 years.

The pair celebrated their birthdays at the club on Wednesday.

Club secretary Melvin Cannell told us: “Scottish country dancing has it all.

“It exercises the body and mind and is the ideal social activity where everyone mixes and helps each other.

“One indication that it keeps you young, is that it is commonplace these days for dancers to be in their 70s and 80s.

“However, it is rare for dancers to continue until they are 90. But this is exactly what occurred this year at Innerleithen.

“John Laidlaw and John Knox were both presented with certificates of Honorary Membership of the club.

“Both Johns have been dancing at Innerleithen for nearly 40 years, since the St Ronan’s Club was founded in 1977 by Julia Sharp.

“Sadly, because of illness, Julia was unable to be there, but her lively spirit was present in the room.

“The class was joined by some good friends to dance some of the Johns’ favourite dances.”