BIGGAR Primary School marked the start of Fairtrade Fortnight with a presentation by the school’s Fairtrade and Eco Committee.

Biggar Primary proudly holds Fairtrade status, which it gained in 2009, and during this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight pupils will be designing Fairtrade packaging, taking part in a Fairtrade raffle and enjoying a school run Fairtrade Tuck-Shop, which was being held on both Fridays.

The purpose of these activities is to continue to raise awareness among pupils and the wider community of what Fairtrade means to producers in the developing world. Biggar Primary is an Eco School and aids recycling in the local community with a collection point for ink cartridges, mobile phones, stamps, CDs and reading glasses.

The Fairtrade and Eco Committee also promote understanding of issues facing the planet. Children have been learning that by choosing Fairtrade products they can enable people in developing countries to have a higher, stable income. As a result, producers can develop farming techniques which contribute to a more sustainable future. The Fairtrade programme helps Biggar Primary’s sustainability credentials, an important factor in maintaining its Eco Schools Green Flag status.