PARKING problems were a hot topic at the recent Innerleithen community council meeting.

Community councillor George Brown called for special parking provision when large events were being held in the town. 

He said: “Visitors were not clearly signposted to appropriate parking and this added to the general congestion during the recent Innerleithen Music Festival weekend, which also coincided with a major mountain biking event in the area.

“There is a need for a specific parking provision for these events like this, which draws in lots of people to the town.”

Meanwhile, chairman Marshall Douglas highlighted concerns expressed by local residents over the obstruction caused by parked vehicles in Traquair Road. 

He said this reduced the width of the road, meaning other vehicles using the junction could not pass easily.

Councillor Shona Haslam (Cons, Tweeddale East), said: “In conjunction with PC Chris Burnside, conversations have been had with both local residents and local businesses regarding the need for considerate and safe parking in this area.”

Sergeant Duncan Marker added: “The latest police report revealed that 18 parking tickets had been issued in Innerleithen, and our enforcement of this is very much on the agenda alongside other duties, even without traffic wardens on the ground.”