BORDERS Sport and Leisure's team of personal trainers at the Gytes Leisure Centre in Peebles are running a new pilot study to help type 2 diabetes sufferers to a healthier future.

The trainers, in conjunction with Borders General Hospital Consultant Dr. Olive Herlihy, have devised a programme titled 'Take 2' which will see the fitness experts work with diabetics in the local area to devise exercise and healthy eating programmes designed to enable the patients to manage their conditions without the need for a life-long reliance on medication.

Ewan Jackson is the Chief Executive of Borders Sport and Leisure, the social enterprise, not-for-profit company that runs many of the sports and leisure facilities and programmes in the Scottish Borders region.

He said: "It is great to have our personal trainers put their skills to use in such a potentially life changing way.

"As an organisation we are keen to push forward initiatives that help to remove the barriers to exercise for members of the community and encourage people to live healthy, active lives.

"We hope Take 2 will make it easier for type 2 diabetics to start to become more active by giving them the support, encouragement and motivation that our personal trainers are skilled in delivering."

The Take 2 programme, which is being backed by The Borders Diabetes Managed Clinical Network, is now underway but new participants are actively being encouraged to join.

Dr Olive Herlihy commented: "Exercise is an integral part in the management of type 2 diabetes.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to get started and see the benefits not just in diabetic control but in overall well being. A great opportunity all round."

If the pilot study proves to be helpful Borders Sport and Leisure would aim to extend it to other areas within the region.

For more information on Take 2 contact the Type 2 Team at the Gytes Leisure Centre on 01721 723 688.