Biggar Colts 3

Stirling Colts 13

Al Stewart at Hartree Mill

At Hartree Mill on Saturday two of Scotland's top Under 18 teams came together in the quarter final of the Scottish Youth Cup.

In front of over 300 spectators the occasion lived up to expectation with the game going right down to the last minutes with Stirling coming out on top by 13 points to three.

With six current Under 18 Scottish Squad players (three from each) on the pitch this was always going to be a game of the highest caliber and it did not disappoint. Many of the players will hopefully in the future go on to be highly successful rugby players.

With a squad of over 44 players Stirling are the current Scottish Youth Cup Holders and won the Presidents Conference undefeated again this season .

Yet Biggar who won their Green Conference have just 24 local players and matched them throughout the game on Saturday.

Early on Biggar were under intense pressure and had to deploy their biggest asset in their defensive tackling.

Although Stirling had the upper hand in physicality and size they found the aggressive tackling by Biggar to be solid and were finding it hard to break through.

Stirling moved quick ball out to their left wing Tommy Johnson who took advantage of the Biggar defence not man-marking and sped down the wing to kick ahead and chase to ground the ball over the line.

The Biggar backs knew that if they could get chances then there was opportunity and this they did with Rowan Stewart breaking through but unfortunately support was not there for him to put points on the board.

Robbie Orr, Rory McGinn , Euan Bogle and Rowan Stewart were outstanding in containing the highly rated Stirling three quarters from being able to operate.

In the forwards Aaron Dobie was doing the job he was tasked to do and that was disrupt and tackle heavily. Craig Frame was working tirelessly beside him but nothing should be taken away form the rest of the forwards who were all putting 100 per cent work rate in.

With half time approaching Biggar were awarded a penalty from which Euan Bogle converted.

At the start of the second period Biggar got the ball out wide for Henry Adams to go round his winger and travelled at pace towards the corner but was stopped just before the line.

Biggar enjoyed a period inside the Stirling 22 but although penalties were being given any attempts towards the line were being well thwarted by Stirling.

Stirling continued to try and break through and when in the Biggar half they were awarded a penalty from which Kieran Gammie kicked to give them a crucial advantage.

As always Biggar did not give up and right down to the wire they competed.

Biggar: Euan Bogle, Marcus Dobie, Rowan Stewart , Rory McGinn (captain), Angus Kerr, Robbie Orr, Luhann Kotze, Neil Jones, Jordan Gray, Guy Kelly, Gavin Raftery, Calum Dunlop, Aaron Dobie, Lewis Stewart , Craig Frame, Alex Dawe, Daniel McConkey, Charles Connolly, Henry Adams, Keir Hamilton, Andrew Nimmo, Alasdair Steele.