PEEBLES Curling Club, following the annual seasonal break, is now fully into the second half of the season.

In the main club Rink Challenge Morris Anderson’s rink, with Bill Goodburn, Alisdair Dawson and Martin Jeffrey, has completed its fixtures gaining 8 points, following three wins, three defeats and two draws.

Robbie Goodburn’s rink, with Michael Ireland, substitute and Jill Black is on 10 points with one game to play. Although their points total can be equalled, Robbie’s positive differential on ends won against lost means they are assured of top prize.

Graeme Coulthard’s rink, with Ian McLeod, John Still and Dougie Graham is on 8 points going into the final Rink fixture against Andrew Muir’s rink with Billy Emerson, Gary Swinney and Brian Stanage on 4 points.

The incentive for Andrew Muir is that victory could avoid the wooden spoon should David Blackstock’s rink, on 6 points, with John Cairns, Tom Hardie and Derek McIntosh fail to defeat Robbie Goodburn .

Recent Rink Challenge match results are as follows... Morris Anderson has had victories over Graeme Coulthard, 12 - 2, and David Blackstock, 7 - 3, a defeat against Robbie Goodburn, 7 – 11, and a draw, 5 – 5 against Andrew Muir. Andrew lost 4 – 11 to David Blackstock and 5 – 12 to Robbie Goodburn. Robbie then lost a close encounter to Graeme Coulthard 5 – 6. But Graeme could not maintain that form when he played David Blackstock, losing 5 – 12.

The John Milne is the “thirds” league competition with Michael Ireland’s rink of Derek McIntosh, Martin Jeffrey and Morris Anderson tying on 4 points with the rink of John Cairns, John Still, Dougie Graham and Andrew Muir.

Equal on 2 points are the rinks of Billy Emerson, Bill Goodburn, Graeme Coulthard and substitute, that of Tom Hardie, Alisdair Dawson, Brian Stanage and Robbie Goodburn and that of Ian McLeod, Gary Swinney, Jill Black and David Blackstock.

Recent results are Ian Mcleod’s victory 6 – 1 over Billy Emerson and John Cairn’s 11 – 6 win against Michael Ireland.

The Paterson’s Rosebowl is the Province competition when Peebles plays against representative teams from West Linton, Broughton, Eddleston, Newlands and Presidents/Peebles Ladies.

It is all to play for with Peebles, West Linton and Broughton tied together on 4 points whilst the other teams are still in with a shout, all being on 2 points.