TAKE a large helping of the best pop music ever recorded  Add four musicians playing live who have worked with notable 60s artists such as The Searchers, The Ivy League, The Fortunes and The Tremeloes plus a light show and sound system that Pink Floyd would envy.

Stir in a generous amount of video and stills from the era.  Sprinkle with anecdotes and reminiscences. Mix in a large dollop of Geordie humour and a little sauce then cook for two hours and you have the Counterfeit Sixties.

The band were formed by four experienced musicians with the purpose of performing some of the greatest songs from the most creative period in pop music.

Each member of the group has a wealth of experience from playing in various combos, and working with some of the legends of the era.

As the band themselves grew up in the sixties, they are fully aware of the memories that can be evoked by a 60s show. 

A full multimedia experience, utilising live action footage of many familiar sights and sounds from the period, from specially selected events, famous people, adverts, and - of course - the original artists themselves, the two-hour performance covers many aspects of the era.

With over thirty bands & singers covered, it is undoubtedly the most comprehensive 60s show around today.

The Counterfeit Sixties will take you back to happy times, playing the music of more than thirty bands including The Who, The Rolling Stones, Dave Clark 5, The Beatles and The Kinks.

The play the Eastgate Theatre in Peebles on Saturday, April 16.

Tickets are priced £16, £14 concessions and £6 for schoolchildren.