A PEEBLES homeowner has slammed a major furniture store after being sold a sofa that won't fit in his front room.

And being charged £229 for the privilege.

Adrian Ferns, of Bonnington Road, bought a two-piece Concorde corner sofa unit from Harveys in Straiton on January 29 this year.

But upon its delivery Adrian was stunned to be told by Harveys own driver that it wouldn't fit through the standard single door of his lounge.

He said: "As soon as the delivery man saw the single door he said "It won't fit". However, he obligingly took it off the van to prove the point and it was several inches too wide.

"He also told me that this was in no way the first time this had happened with this sofa.

"I then rang Harvey's and spoke with the assistant manager who, rather airily and cheerfully, told me that it's a shame I didn't see him when I bought it as he knows that there's a size problem with it and so always warns customers'.

"I really couldn't believe it, what a thing to say, I was shocked that he'd admit it just like that." However an even bigger shock still lay in store for Adrian as Harvey's customer services team told him that is was his own responsibility to ensure that the piece of furniture fitted in his house.

Adrian added: "This is despite the fact that they are the only ones who could know the size of the disassembled pieces and that this problem had happened before.

"I had to select another sofa which I made sure would go through a single door and for the privilege of doing so I had to forfeit my deposit of £229.

"After the first time the problem was discovered, how difficult would it have been to issue an instruction to all stores saying that all potential customers must be told that this piece of furniture will not go through a standard single door. It's not rocket science." We contacted Harveys on Adrian's behalf but much like their sofa they refused to budge.

A spokesman said: "The satisfaction of a Harveys customer is of utmost importance at all times.

"Since bringing this to our attention we have liaised with the regional manager and customer services regarding Mr Ferns complaint and in this instance the forfeit deposit, which covers the cost of the unwanted stock, transport costs and administration fees will be upheld." We also asked Harveys whether there would now be a change in policy as regards the selling of this item considering they now know there to be difficulties with it fitting through a standard single door.

To which they replied: "No there will be no change in policy. Each customer when placing an order is asked to sign a pre-delivery checklist which states that it is for the homeowner to double-check all meaurements.

"We also cannot comment on remarks supposedly made by our delivery driver and assistant manager as neither of these comments can be corroborated."