A GROUP of 16 and 17 year-old Fixers in Peebles are on a mission to persuade younger pupils at their school not to obsess about their looks.

The students at Peebles High conducted a survey of 14 and 15-year-olds which revealed that body image concerns are more prevalent amongst girls, with some taking up to two hours to get ready each morning for school.

However, it showed that boys are not immune to the pressure to look good with some as young as 13 drinking protein shakes, and hitting the gym, in an attempt to bulk up like their celebrity heroes.

Working with Fixers, the national movement of young people 'fixing' the future, the group wants to persuade their younger peers that happiness comes from much more than what you see in the mirror.

"Our message is about getting people to be comfortable in being themselves and not trying to be what everyone wants them to be," said Fixer Sam Matthews, 16.

"We want to say to young boys that you can be happy with who you are and your own image without having to be physically large and muscly," added Isaac Pringle, 17.

Heather Allen, 17, said: "There should be role models for young girls who are confident in themselves and not afraid to make their own decisions about what they wear or what they look like." Working with Fixers, the group are planning to create a booklet that can be used in Social Education classes at Peebles High to help teenagers to become more confident with their body image. Fixers is a charity which supports thousands of young people across the UK to take action and change things for the better, addressing any issue they feel strongly about.