The Westminster member for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale sent out a pro-union paper to all of his constituents.

But a page-long feature on a family who are backing the Better Together message for the forthcoming Independence Referendum has caused anger. The profile piece entitled ‘Putting family first - why we’re voting No’ features Keith and Michelle.

But nowhere in the article does it reveal the couple’s surname or that Keith is an elected Conservative councillor for Tweeddale West.

Local music tutor Sarah Northcott from Tweedsmuir told us: “I received David Mundell’s campaign leaflet and it contains a section where a family explains why they will be voting No.

“I thought they looked familiar – the family portrayed is that of local Tory councillor Keith Cockburn, but nowhere is it mentioned that he is a local politician. This is, at best, highly misleading - could they not find a local family without Tory party ties to speak against independence?” Councillor Cockburn, a local businessman, won the Tweeddale West by-election last year following the resignation of fellow Tory, Nathaniel Buckingham.

Calum Kerr from Cardrona heads up the pro-independence Yes campaign in the Borders. And he believes the region’s MP should be more forthcoming with the facts. Mr Kerr said: “This is the kind of disingenuous thing that puts people off politics and undermines trust. This is an elected official that is being portrayed as an ordinary member of the public.” A question-and-answer section in the same pro-union publication features a question from former Conservative deputy leader of Scottish Borders Council, Neil Calvert.

Mr Kerr added: “The Better Together campaign are using the same format and wording for their publications across the country - just putting in names of local people to match each area.” But Mr Mundell has defended his leaflet drop and its content.

He told the Peeblesshire News: “This is a bizarre and quite frankly astonishing claim from a Yes Campaign who repeatedly refuse to give local people even the most basic facts about independence.

“Our leaflet was distributed to give people the information they need after the SNP refused to tell us what currency we will have, how they will secure our pensions and how our schools and hospitals will be funded under separation.” And Councillor Cockburn has also hit back at claims over misleading voters.

He said: “Since when does being elected as a councillor mean you can no longer use your own name and photograph on a leaflet?” “I had no idea that when I put myself forward to represent the people of Tweeddale West that I was effectively giving up my right to voice my own personal concerns about what independence means for my family.

“Like so many people living locally this kind of divisive personality politics from the nationalists is just one of the reasons I will be saying No Thanks on September 18.”