MUSICIAN Alistair Wilson lives in Peebles’ unluckiest house.

But he believes landlord, Eildon Housing, should be doing more to help him stay there.

Since the property on Kittlegairy Road was completed four years ago it has flooded three times – and also had a car crash into its kitchen.

Mr Wilson endured upheaval for almost a year while his kitchen was refurbished.

But just a few weeks after it was eventually completed he returned home to find water pouring through his ceilings.

The music tutor told the Peeblesshire News: “There were delays with having the kitchen work done as Eildon were waiting for the car driver’s insurance company. I got by and was pleased when the work was finally done.

“It was just a month or so later, at the start of December, when I got a call from a neighbour to say there was water in the house. I rushed back from Edinburgh and the found a complete mess – everything was ruined.” Following investigation it emerged that a water connecting pipe to the upstairs bath had worked itself free.

This latest incident comes just a couple of years after it was discovered the bath overflow pipe had never been attached causing further damage to the rooms below.

Although the properties in Kittlegairy Road are less than five years old Mr Wilson is the second tenant in the house – the first was flooded out after just a couple of months and never returned.

Although workmen from Eildon Housing have redecorated his home since this latest deluge he believes more should be done.

He added: “My 92-year-old mother is due to stay with me at the end of the month as her home is being refurbished. I have no floor coverings – the place is practically uninhabitable.

“It’s got to the stage where Eildon won’t return my calls and nobody will speak to me. I’ve always paid my rent on time and kept the house in good order, I think I deserve better from them.” Eildon’s Kittlegairy Road development was officialy opened by MSP Keith Brown four years ago.

The £3.9 million development consists of 33 two and three bedroomed houses available for social rent. The social landlord was inundated with applications averaging 90 bids for each property.

Eildon chief executive Nile Istephan said: “We are aware of the issue at the property and have been liaising with the insurance company to seek to resolve this situation as swiftly as possible.”