NEW parents in the Borders have gone against national trends when naming their baby boys this year.

During 2017, the most popular names for male bundles of joy in the region were Archie, Lewis and Nathan, being selected eight times each.

And none of Scotland's most popular choices - Jack, Oliver and James - even feature in the next three names was commonly picked by mums and dads.

At joint fourth in the Scottish Borders were Alfie, Harris and Thomas, being chosen seven times each.

Girls in the Borders are slightly more in line with national trends.

Isla and Sophie, who both feature in the Scotland-wide top four, were the joint most popular names in the Borders, each being selected 13 times.

And the country's favourite girl's name of 2017, Olivia, features third in the Scottish Borders list, having made its way 12 times onto birth registration forms.

Across the Borders, the most popular names of 2016 appear to be going out of fashion.

Finlay, who topped last year's poll with 13, only scrapes into this year's chart at number 10 having been chosen five times.

And none of the three top girls' names from 2016 in the Scottish Borders - Ava, Ella and Ellie - even make it into this year's regional chart.

Scottish Borders


1st= Archie, Lewis, Nathan (8)

4th= Alfie, Harris, Thomas (7)

7th= Charlie, James, Oliver (6)

10th= Alexander, Angus, Arthur, Brodie, Finlay, Jack, Jacob (5)


1st= Isla, Sophie (13)

3rd Olivia (12)

4th Chloe (6)

5th= Amelia, Charlotte, Elsie, Grace, Harper, Molly, Skye (5)


1st Jack (453)

2nd Oliver (355)

3rd James (342)

4th Lewis (341)

5th Noah (300)

6th Logan (299)

7th Harris (284)

8th Alexander (278)

9th Leo (265)

10th Harry (263)


1st Olivia (484)

2nd Emily (436)

3rd Isla (376)

4th Sophie (349)

5th Jessica (300)

6th Amelia (296)

7th Ava (269)

8th Ella (265)

9th Charlotte (255)

10th Aria (235)