On December 23, 2017, Eddleston Parish Church Junior Choir sang in the Tesco Store in Peebles for 30 minutes and raised £59.88.

They decided that they wanted to give the money to a children’s charity and after discussion, Tweed Togs was chosen.

Our photograph shows Grace Wise presenting Mrs. Susan Walker with the donation. Also present are Rev Calum Macdougall, Helen Cobb, Hazel Craigie and Sheena Hall from Tweed Togs, and Lorraine Mulholland Junior Choir Musical Director.

Tweed Togs is an initiative run by local volunteers in Tweeddale.

The charity supplies good quality, donated children’s clothing, carefully packed in gift bags, to struggling local families. It has talked and listened to people and gathered information from every corner of the community.

The group works via referrals from Health Visitors, Social Workers and other Family Welfare Professionals.

Tweed Togs has no direct link with the recipients.

For further information about the charity contact facebook.com/tweedtogs1.

For further details from Eddleston Parish Church Junior Choir, please contact Lorraine Mulholland by calling 01721 730332 or email lorajazz@aol.com