DID you know today (Thursday) is National Serpent Day?

Probably not, but animal welfare charity the Scottish SPCA is hoping to take advantage by finding homes for its dozens of cared-for snakes.

Across its nine Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centres the Scottish SPCA has 60 of the creatures - including Sage and Parsley who have both been looking for a home at the charity’s centre in Edinburgh for over four years.

Edinburgh Centre Manager Diane Aitchison said: “Sage and Parsley are garter snakes who were born in our care.

"They’re friendly and great to handle but they’ve been overlooked for so long now.

“They’re our longest staying residents, with the next being Snowflake from our centre in Aberdeen, who arrived into the centre just 117 days after Sage and Parsley were born.

“Though they don't play fetch or come when you call their name, snakes are great pets for any reptile lover. It’s upsetting to hear that they make up eight of our ten longest staying residents.”

If anyone can offer any of the Scottish SPCA's 60 snakes a home staff at the centres would like them to come forward.

Diane added: “If anyone would like to meet one of the snakes in our care they should pop along to their local centre any day (closed Tuesday) 10am to 4pm.”

The Edinburgh centre can be contacted on 03000 999 999.