A MICROWAVE, a fridge, a bike wheel and chocolates are among the items stolen from the region's hospitals over the past five years.

NHS Borders has released details of all recorded thefts between 2012 and 2017.

A total of 51 incidents of property being taken were logged by bosses.

Apart from a kitchen raid at Haylodge Hospital in Peebles when a microwave was taken, all other crimes have been committed at Borders General Hospital.

There were 33 thefts of cash, ranging in amounts from £1.60 up to £380.

And on seven occasions items of clothing were snatched.

A mini-fridge was stolen from the BGH as well as a USB replicator for digital devices, an i Pod Nano, a bike wheel, hair products and a set of car keys.

A box of chocolates were also stolen, but later recovered.