TWO authors have teamed up to delve into the history, journeys and folklore of the region. 

In the fourth instalment in the Journeys and Evocations series, Donald Smith and Elspeth Turner are shining a new light on the culture of the area in Tweed Dales: Journeys and Evocations exploring history, folklore and stories from the heart of the Scottish Borders.

The part travel guide, part folk tale, part historical text, hopes to bring the area alive with a combination of facts, story and route planning.

The publication guides readers through the Borders, highlighting specific buildings and natural landmarks, while exploring the place they hold in Scotland’s history and present day culture.

This latest book takes readers on six journeys from the Eildon Hills and Tweeddale to Kelso and Galawater, opening up the region in a previously unexplored way.

Co-author Donald Smith is a novelist, playwright, and founding director of the Scottish Storytelling Centre. He was the founder of the National Theatre of Scotland.

Currently a director of Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland, Donald has also published three previous Journeys and Evocations books, co-authored with Stuart McHardy, plus Freedom and Faith on the independence debate, and Pilgrim Guide to Scotland which recovers the nation’s sacred geography.

He has also written a series of novels, the most recent of which, Flora McIver, was released in May 2017.

Donald said: “If you love the Scottish Borders you will love this book, and dip into it again and again. For myself, this has been a journey of discovery and delight.”

Co-author Elspeth Turner grew up in the Borders. She held a senior lectureship in Economic and Social History at the University of Edinburgh, was the first director of Lothians Equal Access Programme for Schools, and later worked as a researcher.

Elspeth added: “Delving deep into the history and stories of the Tweed dales was a hugely enjoyable treasure hunt for this Border bairn. 

“The prize of finding the unique story legacies left by those whose lives and minds were touched by each distinctive landscape, is one we are delighted to share with those who know the area well and with visitors.”

The book is available to buy on Amazon.