THE long-awaited announcement to find out who is the Whipman and Lass Elect for 2018 together with the Barony Herald, Flower Girl and Presenting Lady will be made this (Friday) evening.

Following a dress rehearsal last night, the Introduction Concert will take place at the Graham Institute from 7.30pm.

As always, the names of the Principals are a well kept secret in the village and surrounding area.

This evening’s concert will feature a packed line up of local talent with pupils from Newlands Primary School singing and dancing, plus the annual performances by both the Ex-Whipman and Ex-Whipman’s Lasses.

Rob Norris, the 2017 West Linton Whipman told the Peeblesshire News: “Becs and I have had a brilliant year as Whipman and Lass.

“It has been an absolute honour and we have met so many lovely people.

“We look forward to the announcement of the Whipman and Lass Elect for 2018 at the Introduction Concert tonight. Hope to see you there.”

On Saturday morning, there is a coffee morning in the Graham Institute from 10am, when villagers can meet their Whipman and Lass Elect and other Principals.

The first event is the Junior Ride Out which takes place on Sunday, May 27.

The Whipman week for 2018 starts on Friday, June 1, kicking off with the Installation Ceremony that evening in the marquee on the Lower Green.

After that, the event is followed by a variety of floats and a procession round the village.

Before Rob and Becs, Gary and Louise Ross represented the town in 2016, Ryan Stewart and Rebecca Murison were installed in 2015, Calum Murray and Alison Hardie were elected in 2014, plus Alan and Susan Stewart were chosen as Whipman and Lass in 2013.

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