Q1 Section 4: What colour is the most commonly found toilet tissue used in France?

Well the team from Innerleithen, Walkerburn & Traquair Rotary didn’t know either. Competing yet again in the Rotary 1020 District Quiz final is almost taken as read for this small club of 11 members, according to the organiser; Langholm Golf Club was the venue for some 14 teams from across the south of Scotland to conclude this year’s competition. Starting off with some 60 Clubs in the first round, the final was made up of 14 teams had travelled from as far afield as Cumbernauld, Dunbar, Dumfries. This final 14 also embraced the Runners-up Quiz for the Plate final, (teams eliminated in the first round) who were answering the same questions. With 4 rounds of questions in General Knowledge, Music Trivia and of course Rotary, the contest was a good humoured one with much banter twixt the teams and the quizmaster. (As an aside, only four teams scored in the Rotary round, each scoring 1 out of a possible 5!)

The final outcome was that North Berwick Rotary won the competition with 32 points out of a possible 45, but runners up were the Innerleithen Walkerburn and Traquair team who scored a creditable 30.

Just in case you didn’t know either, the most popular colour for toilet tissue in France is apparently Pink!

The picture shows from left to right, Paul Faris, Robin Tatler, District Governor Lindsay Craig, Colin Mackay and Colin Turnbull with the runners-up award.