A COCAINE addict drove a car while unfit through drugs, Selkirk Sheriff Court has been told.

Joseph Sanderson was heading for the Castle Craig Hospital in Peeblesshire to receive help for his addiction but got lost on the B7059 road in the Romanno Bridge area.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser said at around 11.30pm on September 21 when a witness heard a sound coming from a house which was under renovation.

He continued: "The accused was challenged and there was concern that he appeared to be intoxicated with something.

"He was challenged and he walked out the property, got into his car and reversed away.

"The witness caught up with him and the accused was asked to hand over the keys but he refused.

"But he accepted he had taken cocaine."

When police arrived on the scene Sanderson was found in possession of around £20 worth of cocaine.

Defence lawyer Ross Dow said: "He was driving to Castle Craig when he got lost. "He was frightened and agitated and ended up taking some cocaine."

Sanderson, 23, of Yeadon, near Leeds, Yorkshire, was banned from the road for 12 months and fined £250 for driving while unfit through drugs.

He was also fined another £250 for possession of cocaine.