THE marquee is up, the bunting is fluttering over the Main Street and the sun is shining – it must be Whipman Week once again.

Despite a rainy forecast, the bad weather failed to materialise over West Linton and even the dreaded midges managed to stay away.

The jam-packed week kicked off last Friday evening as villagers gathered on the green to check out the varied and colourful floats.

After judging finished, the crowds made their way to the marquee where Rob and Becs Norris handed over the mantle, after a successful year, to Adrian and Fiona Jackson.

The pair received their sashes from the president, Raymond Nicol and Adrian bussed the flag, promising to return it ‘unsullied and untarnished’ on completion of their year as Whipman and Lass.

A special mention must go to this year’s Presenting Lady, Dr Patsy Campbell, Flower Girl, Lily Dow and Barony Herald, Junior Bureqele whose proclamation was delivered flawlessly.

The procession of floats, principals, pipe and brass bands followed the ceremony, with not a spot of rain in sight.

On Saturday morning, the crowds were out in force to cheer on the 101 horses and riders as they crossed the ford at the start of the Rideout. Despite the gathering clouds and distant rumbling of thunder, all were ‘safe oot and safe in’.

Ian Reid and his judges had their work cut out as the children turned out for the fancy dress competition that followed. This year, there was even an appearance by Donald Trump.

Sunday morning’s Cycle Rideout was an opportunity for those who hadn’t danced until the wee small hours at the Whipman’s Saturday party to take to their bikes with friends and family.

This year’s Whipman and Lass, Adrian and Fiona said: “What a roller coaster of a week it has turned out to be.

“From a brilliant Installation night with a great turn out of Ex Whipman and Lasses, visiting Principals and villagers to an amazing Rideout with over 100 riders crossing the splash to a huge crowd of well wishers.

“Roll on the rest of the season.”