THE family of a West Linton man struck down by a rare and debilitating health condition have raised almost £10,000 with two marathon sporting challenges.

Andrew Macnab was diagnosed last August with dermatomyositis.

Fewer than one in a million people are affected by the incurable condition which causes skin rashes, muscle weakness, and inflammatory myopathy.

But treatments can control the symptoms and research is ongoing to try to find a cure.

Last month, Andrew's wee sister Helen, who lives in Stow, completed her very first marathon in Edinburgh - raising a staggering £5,200 for Myositis UK.

And just last week Andrew's mum Jean, along with her friends at West Linton Golf Club, raised a further £4,100 with a 24-hour golfing challenge.

Throughout the challenge Jean managed to play for the entire 24 hours - completing an amazing 140 holes.

Jean told us: "Although I was a little weary by the end of the relay, I was over-joyed by the support and friendship from the members of West Linton Golf Club as well as many others from the village and beyond.

"The relay has raised funds to date of over £4,100, providing another great boost for the funding of research by Myositis UK."

Both Jean and Helen are continuing to raise money for Mystosis UK which carries out research into the Andrew's condition.

The volunteer-led charity works to improve the diagnosis, treatment, understanding, and prognosis of the rare inflammatory myopathies.

Jean added: "Andrew continues to fight against the effects of that illness, and has recently been showing small signs of improvement – at long last.

"We know that further research is essential to understand this rare illness, and find which treatments are most effective.

"As well as hoping that such research will improve Andrew’s chance of a full return to normal life, we hope that others suffering from this cruel illness can be helped."

To support Helen - - or Jean - - visit their justgiving pages.