ORGANISERS of Peebles' Beltane Festival have apologised after an error was published in several copies of this year's programme.

Anyone who has bought a copy is urged to return their programme for a free exchange.

Beltane programme convener, Douglas Wright, told the Peeblesshire News: "Due to a machine malfunction at the firm doing the binding of this year’s Beltane programmes, a very small number of the programmes have been found to have a duplicate set of pages 97 – 112, and accordingly are missing the pages 113 – 128.

"When alerted to this, all programmes remaining at local retail outlets were checked and found to be okay. However, any already sold, together with the programmes already distributed to Beltane Patrons and to advertisers, may have this fault.

"Customers who bought a faulty programme may exchange it for a correct one at the place of purchase.

"If the retail outlets no longer have stock, customers may return faulty programmes to Elmbank Print, Elcho Street Brae, Peebles, and exchange for replacements.

"Any advertiser with a faulty programme should contact the programme convener, Douglas Wright, as soon as possible, and similarly any Beltane Patrons with a faulty programme should initially contact the Patrons convener, Margaret Stalker, when arrangements will be made for return of faulty ones in exchange for replacements.

Mr Wright added: "Please note that the binding of the Programmes is sub-contracted to another firm, and this malfunction is not a reflection upon Elmbank Print, the publishers."

This year's Beltane programme is still on sale at Elmbank Print on Elcho Street Brae in Peebles.