SOARING temperatures heralded another great week for Walkerburn's summer festival.

Last week, the town got out the bunting and celebrated the annual event in the sunshine.

Organiser Martha Gibson told us: "The festival went well, with great weather for us throughout the week.

"On Monday, the concert was well attended, and I'd like to thank everyone at Walkerburn Primary School for putting on a wonderful performance.

"The scavenge hunt on Wednesday also proved popular with the kids, who were rewarded for their efforts with a well-deserved ice cream.

"Friday's fancy dress parade and torchlight were also well attended. This year's Festival Lass, Tiegan Hunter, and Essay Prizewinner Kayla Amos, both had a super week.

"A special mention goes to Peebles Pipe Band and Innerleithen Silver Band for coming along on Friday, they both sounded amazing.

"My thanks also go out to all of the judges, helpers and sponsors for their support."

And Martha added that the festival is set to get a revamp in 2019.

"As we look forward to next year, I'd like to appeal to anyone in the community who has any ideas to improve the festival, or bring in new events, to get in touch.

"This is a community-run event, and any help to set up the activities, is hugely appreciated. We hope to make the 2019 Walkerburn Summer Festival even better."

Anyone who has any ideas, or can help out in any way next year, can contact Martha on 07917 432072.

Fancy Dress Results

Girls under 5yrs

  • 1st: Moana - Paton Anderson
  • 2nd: Bo Peep - Addison Preacher

Boys 5-10yrs

  • 1st: Stick Man - Charle Nisbet
  • 2nd: Devil in Disguise - Jack Ewart
  • 3rd: Jurassic Park - Declan Hunter

Girls 5-10yrs

  • 1st: Miss Piggy - Alice Shoesmith
  • 2nd: Little Fairy - Ruby Burgess
  • 3rd: Cat in the Hat - Rachel Woodcock

Couple under 10yrs

  • 1st: Wildest kids in the avenue- Lillieanne and Andrew Hutchieson

Couple over 10yrs

  • 1st: Caught in a trap - Skye Connor and Summer Spence
  • 2nd: Murray Anderson and friend
  • 3rd: Buckaroo - Melissa and Callum Lucas

Boys 11-16yrs

  • Robin lost in the hood - Thomas Wilson

Girls 11-16yrs

  • 1st: Arcade - Kayden Hunter

Adult 16+

  • 1st: Gladiator - Glen Stevens
  • 2nd: Crazy Butterfly - Natasha Rice
  • 3rd: Love Island Reject - Morag Wilson

Mixed Ages

  • 1st: Popstars - Lees and Hardie family
  • 2nd: The Royals - Keira Redpathe and Gregor Collins
  • 3rd: The cookie Monsters - Rachel Mays and Hazel and Johann Schofield

Decorated non-motorised vehicle

  • 1st: Toystory - Alfie Stevens
  • 2nd: Unicorn and Fairy - Isabella and Charlene Weir

Decorated motorised vehicle

  • 1st: Kindergarten Cops - Esme Amos and Levi Hunter
  • 2nd: The Trolls - Zokas Mcdaid and Hunter families
  • 3rd: Walkerburn Festival 2018 - The Houston family

Outstanding entry

  • Kindergarten Cops - Esme and Levi