QUAKERS in Tweeddale have delivered a bunch of white roses and a letter to the leader of Glasgow City Council in response to the city holding an arms fair.

The group sent the letter and the flowers to Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council, expressing their dismay that the local authority supported the decision to hold the Underwater Technology Defence Conference, at the SECC in Glasgow between June 26 and 28.

This conference provides? a selling platform for some of the world's biggest arms producers.

The Campaign Against the Arms Trade ?orga?nised? demonstrations ?at the SECC, which were attended by the Quakers, to draw attention to this councils decision and to plead that it is never repeated.?

Tweeddale Quakers member Helen Holt, who originated the idea of sending flowers, told the Peeblesshire News: "We recognise that the issues surrounding defence technology are complex, but we hope that the gesture of sending flowers will inspire people to think about, work towards and invest energy in the type of world we all want to see - one symbolised not by guns but by roses."

For further information about the group, contact Alison Moore by emailing alison@petalmoore.net or calling 07411 285005, or alernatively contact Lesley Morrison at lesleyjmorrison3@gmail.com or by ringing 07792 932406.