A GALASHIELS mum feared she was going to die after being 'stuck by lightning'.

Tracey Kutluol captured the moment on her phone from a window when she was 'struck' at around 10pm on Thursday night.

In the video, which has had over 25,000 views since it was posted to Facebook, Tracey opens the window and says: "I think I'm going to get electrocuted."

Despite pleas from her children not to film with the window open, Tracey reassuring them saying "It's fine" before being 'struck' just seconds later.

The mum-of-two can then be heard saying: "I've just been struck by lightning, I've just got struck, my phone blew."

Following the video, Tracey took to Facebook, posting: "Learned my lesson...don’t play with nature."

She added: "Told them [her children] all to go downstairs to my room while I switched everything off...no damage done just really shaken up."

And things could have been much worse if it wasn't for one thing.

"We’re all ok thank goodness. [It] was the most scariest thing...think my new phone case saved me."

According to Ready.gov, the advice for what to do in a thunderstorm is:

  • When you receive a thunderstorm warning or hear thunder, go inside immediately.
  • If indoors, avoid running water or using landline phones. Electricity can travel through plumbing and phone lines.
  • Protect your property. Unplug appliances and other electric devices. Secure outside furniture.
  • If boating or swimming, get to land and find a sturdy, grounded shelter or vehicle immediately.
  • If necessary, take shelter in a car with a metal top and sides. Do not touch anything metal.

WATCH the video below...