DAILY essentials could soon be returning to Broughton.

Following the closure of the village shop earlier this year villagers face a 25-mile round trip for groceries in either West Linton, Biggar or Peebles.

But a community group has now been formed to plug the gap.

The Broughton Shop Development Group, under the chairmanship of Christopher Lambton, are now investigating a number of options for opening a store.

And it is hoped it can be up and running by early next year.

Thanks to funding from the SSE Community Fund Sandra Macaskill of Caskie & Co has been employed to undertake a review of the options, including funding and location.

Tony Butcher from Broughton Shop Development Group told us: "We wish to thank SSE Community Funds for their financial support for Sandra's appointment.

"We are investigating options for opening a new village shop in Broughton as a community-owned asset as the provision of community-owned village shops is proving to be very successful in other areas of the country.

"Sandra has already helped the set up of community shops in Morebattle and New Galloway."

The group has already identified a number of locations in the village for consideration.

And a public meeting is planned to outline the options in September.

Mr Butcher added: "It is hoped that we can provide residents with an indication of our proposals and seek their views and support.

"This will include the opportunity to discuss village shop opening hours, services available and products sold, etc."

Among the options being investigated is the return of the Post Office to Broughton.

And consideration is also being given to establishing a Community Share Scheme to allow residents and the wider community the opportunity become further involved.

Anyone interested in supporting or joining the group can obtain membership forms by emailing bsdg4321@gmail.com