A DRINK driver from Innerleithen has been banned from the road for six years at Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Fifty three year old Stephen Scougall pleaded guilty to the offence which happened in his home street of Plora Terrace during the early hours of the morning last month.

He admitted driving with a breath/alcohol count of 32 microgrammes - the legal limit being 22.

Scougall also pleaded guilty to having no insurance or the appropriate licence.

Mark Keane, proseucting, said police officers had spoken to Scougall only 10 minutes earlier and noticed he was smelling of alcohol.

They were in Plora Terrace when Scougall appeared driving a Ford Focus.

Sheriff Andrew Webster noted Scougall's previsious convictions which included driving while disqualified.

He said Scougall had shown contempt for road traffic laws over a number of years and imposed a six year ban along with a fine of £400.