PRIMARY school pupils from across Tweeddale are heading for the Eastgate Theatre on Wednesday to join scientists, engineers and maths professionals for a series of hands-on workshops.

This year Dr Ayako Tani, artist and glassblower, will join Dr Roger Hill’s Terrific Technology workshop where she will invite pupils to explore the intriguing concept of the ship in a bottle.

Dr Hill and Dr Tani met during a chance encounter at the Museum of Glass in Sunderland where she is working on a project to explore the international history, craft and future of glass ships in bottles.

As well as displaying a selection of bottled ships made in Sunderland in the 80s and her own extra-large example called the City of Adelaide, Dr Tani promises to answer the question - how do you put a ship in a bottle?

The final workshop day culminates in a talk delivered by eminent scientist, Professor Lesley Yellowlees CBE.

She will discuss all aspects of renewable energy from the perspectives of science, engineering, economic, social and policy.

Professor Yellowlees’ talk - Engineering Energy - is at 7.30pm on Wednesday.

Tickets are £10, free for everyone under 25, available now on 01721 725777 or