A FINAL call to arms has been made to local primary schoolchildren ahead of this year's centenary commemorations marking the end of the Great War.

A special parade will take place on Saturday, November 10 along Peebles High Street.

And children from all three primary schools in the town are being invited to carry the name of each of the 230 fallen.

Adrian Lucas from the organising committee told us: "The parade will be an opportunity to pay tribute to the fallen of the First World War.

"We have worked closely with the three primary schools and we hope to have enough children to individually honour each of the 230 from Peebles who died.

"The march is not an official school event so parents of participating children will have to make sure they are at the Gytes in time."

The primary pupils will be joined by Standard Bearers from the Royal British Legion, as well as Army Cadets and Peebles Ex-Servicemen's Pipe Band.

The morning march will be led by Cruachan IV, the mascot of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Major John Currie, who is also part of the organising committee, told us: "Many organisations are already involved and we would be delighted to hear from any other groups or individuals who would like to pay their respects to the fallen by taking part."

The Remembrance Parade will muster at The Gytes at 9.30am for a 10am departure.

And local community choir InChorus will perform a selection of Great War related songs on the steps of the Parish Church from around 10.15am.

The 229 men and one woman who will be remembered are -

Duncan Adam, Sister Glen Ainsworth, Robert Fairley Aitchison, James Amos, David J Anderson, Edward Anderson, George Anderson, James Anderson, John Dunlop Anderson, Thomas Malcolm Archibald, Archibald Armstrong, James H. Arrol, James Hogg Baillie, Walter Bailie, Alexander Bain, Gilbert Bain, John Bain, Frank Ball, William Ball, William Baigrie, Andrew Barron, Robert Black, William Blaikie, George Blake, Alexander Bogle, George Bortfield, Lewis Bottomley, Robert C. Boyd, James Brockie, James K. Brockie, John C. Brockie, John Brockie, John K.Brockie, Joseph Brown, Joseph Brown, Thomas Alexander Brown, John Brownlee, James Bruce, John Brunton, Tom Edward Brydon, Alistair E. Buchan, Thomas Buchan, Charles Robert Bush, Douglas Cairncross, John Caldwell, Thomas Caldwell, Robert Lauriston Callan, Walter Mellish Campbell, George D. Carlan, J. Cavanagh, Joss Murray Cavers, John R. T. Chalmers, Thomas Moffat Clark, Thomas Gibson Carmichael Clark, William Muir Clark, Andrew Collier, Peter Conlan, Ernest J. Cook, John W. Craig, Charles Simpson Currie, Henry James Dalling, John Davidson, William Henry Davies, John Denholm, George Dick, Hugh W. Dougall, Jack Dougan, Adam J. Dow, James Downie, John Drummond, W. Drudge, Arthur N. Duncan, David Duncan, John Hopkirk Duncan, George A. Dunn, Robert Elder, Walter Elliot, David Cook Ferguson, Thomas Ferguson, James D. Forrester, James Donaldson Frame, Robert Frame, Archibald French, John French, James Forbes, John Foster, Joseph Fraser, William Cheyne Fraser, Robert Freer

C. Gardner, John Gethin, Frederick Tremlow Gillet, Edward Graham Gorman, John White Gray, James Haldane Hamilton, Robert Hunter Hamilton, James Hannan, David Harkness, Philip Hart, George Henderson, John Heugh, James Hislop, Andrew Hogarth, James Horsburgh, Robert Charles Drummond Hume, William S. Hunter, Nicholas Hunter, Herbert R. Hush, William Inglis, Fred Inverarity, R. N. Jervis, John Johnston, Charles Tod Ker, John Laidlaw, Robert Laidlaw, Walter Laidlaw, Albert Vickers Lamb, Richard Lawrie, Dick Lawson, Harry Lawson, John Lawson, John Grieve Liddle, James Little, J. S. R. Lorraine, John Lyon, Isaac Maddison, Adam Neil Malcolm, Alexander R. W. Malcolm, Alexander Mason, James Mason, John Mathison, James Maule, James Maule, Alexander Michie, William Michie, Robert Millar, Thomas Millar, John Milne, Adam Mitchell, Alexander Bain Mitchell, Andrew S. Mitchell, James Moffat, Charles Watson Moodie, Andrew H. Mowat, Robert P. Mulholland, T. Murdie, Charles R. Murray, William Murray, John S. Maclauchlan, John Macnab, James McCabe, J McDonald, Archibald R. M'Dougal, Leonard C. M'Gill, R. Wilfred McGill, Robert McKay, J. L. B. M'Lean, John Clapperton McLean, Joseph F. M’Leman, John A. McMartin, William McMorran, William McMorran, Hamilton Neilson

David Douglas Nisbet, William Oldham, William Pace, David Philp, George Philp, Richard Pieroni, John Porteous, James Ramsay

Thomas M'L. Ramsay, Robert Rankine, John Reid, William Reid, James T. Rennie, James C. Richardson, J. A. Robertson, Eric Russell, Charles L. Russell, William Mason Russell , James Scott, Robert Scott, Alexander Scougall, Robert Scougall, William Derryman Smith

George Wilkie Snow, Charles Reid Steele, John Sterrick, Adam Robertson Stevenson, C. S. Stevenson, Walter James Stewart, Robert Colin Stewart, John Stodart, Adam R. Struthers, Colin Swindley, Frederick George Tarry, F. G. Taylor, Thomas Taylor, Ernest William Thiem

John Thomson, John Lawson Thomson, John M. Thomson, Lennie Dobson Thomson, Walter Ernest Thorburn, Robert Tod, James Duncan Todd, John G. Trench, James Turnbull, Jn. Turnbull, John Turner, Alexander Veitch, James Veitch, Michael Veitch, Archibald Fleming Veitch, Alexander Walker, R. S. Walker, David Weir, William Weir, Alexander Wilson, Charles Edward Wilson, J. S. Wilson, John Amos Wilson, Thomas A. Wilson, Robert Wood, Andrew Young and Andrew George Young.