A JUSTICE of the Peace has issued a hard-hitting warning about speeding on Borders roads and has threatened to start banning offenders.

Speaking from the bench at Selkirk JP Court, Gary Watson said he had seriously considered imposing discretionary disqualifications on two men who had appeared before him.

Forty nine year old Robert McKechnie from Gordon, had admitted riding a motorcycle at 93mph on the A68 at Carfraemill.

JP Watson - who is a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists - told him: "My advice to you is slow down.

"The place and time for speeding is on a track, not on the Borders roads."

McKechnie had six penalty points placed on his licence and fined £450.

In the very next case Ross Green, who is 24 and works for a specialist vehicle damage repairers in Edinburgh, pleaded guilty to driving a car at 74mph in a 40mph limit on the A701 entering Romanno Bridge.

Mr Watson told him that he was travelling at almost twice the limit and his speed was "ludicrous".

He added: "You must slow down or you are going to hurt someone or yourself."

Green from Castle Douglas had six points placed on his licence and fined £550.