This week's feature from Tweeddale Volunteers focuses on Peeblesshire Youth Trust Christmas Hamper Programme.

Tell us about your organisation/project:

Peeblesshire Youth Trust has delivered Christmas hampers to families across Tweeddale for 10 years, offering a little peace of mind at a potentially stressful time of year. This programme is only possible thanks to an amazing army of local volunteers, co-ordinated by lead volunteer, Grace Mitchell. Local organisations, schools, churches and businesses also come together to help and contribute to the hampers. There are numerous voluntary roles that are essential to the success of the programme; from collecting to sorting, packing to delivering, all helping to make Christmas that bit more special for many families across Tweeddale.

What is the role as a volunteer in this programme?

• Collecting donations of items for the hampers throughout November/December

• Sorting and packing the items into hamper boxes ready for delivery

• Delivering the hampers to families across Tweeddale

Why do you volunteer and what do you get out of it?

“It is lovely to see peoples’ faces light up when we arrive at the door with their hamper.”

“It makes you feel festive, packing the hampers together, in a friendly environment, where we all feel we are able to make a difference to somebody’s Christmas.”

“I like meeting so many different people who all want to help with the same cause.”

“It is great to be part of our local community, giving up a little time yet making such a big difference.”

“It is fantastic to hear that our recipients are always very moved by the local generosity.”

Would you encourage others to get involved and why?

It’s a great initiative to become involved in, it relies on a strong team of volunteers, who are committed to making a difference to local families at Christmas time.

How would someone get in touch if they wanted to volunteer with your organisation?

For more information, contact Sarah Keen, Programme Manager, tel 07957 383663 or email