RETURNING rector Campbell Wilson was given a warm welcome back to Peebles High last week.

And he was even presented with a few stanzas of his own from one of the best-known Scottish poets.

Following a long and courageous journey back to health after suffering a severe stroke, Mr Wilson returned for the school's annual Christmas concert.

To commemorate his return, parents presented Mr Wilson with a unique gift - giving him his place in the history books.

After recently asking one of the parent groups to update the history of the school, they decided the secondary's story would not be complete without Mr Wilson at its core.

As an English scholar Mr Wilson has long admired internationally renowned Gaelic poet Aonghas MacNeacail from Carlops - indeed he even studied his works whilst at University.

The parents invited Aonghas to write a poem dedicated to Mr Wilson to be included in the school's history book.

A Book that Will Not Close, written in English, Gaelic and Old Scots was recited on Mr Wilson's return by the poet.

To make it even more special another parent and artist Simon Fraser added beautiful illustrations.

The finished work was presented to Mr Wilson at the concert by Margaret Hogg, Chair of the Parent Council

On behalf of Peebles High PTA, Glenda Barton told us: "Many thanks indeed to Aonghas and Simon for their generosity.

"The poem is now on the website in the school handbook section for all to see."

A Book that Will Not Close (partial)

a breath of sacredness is found

spread among the limbs of trees

silence between breeze and bellow

ease for the eye that drew a question

as succulent apple from its branch

every eager scholar will desire

a flame to rise out of the ground

that might give a guide to knowing

how the story that’s within a verse

is to be told with abundant warmth

for if the audience is not won over

command of eye and ear is lost

and we’ll lose the bands of strength

keeping us bound closely to the song

that must be passed on to our young