Greenlaw based artisan apple juice producer, Laprig Valley, has been shortlisted for a Scottish Rural Award 2019.

Laprig Valley is a finalist in the artisan drinks category for its British single variety apple juice.

The Scottish Rural Awards celebrate rural businesses and recognises innovation and development within each sector. They reward organisations that encompass what it truly means to be an artisan business.

A key point of what makes a business artisan, according to The Scottish Rural Awards, includes mastering the craft of production whilst taking the environment into consideration.

The team from The Scottish Rural Awards said: “A set of 11 categories for the 2019 Scottish Rural Awards were open for nominations between July and October. With over 250 nominations in total, the shortlisting panel had a challenging task of whittling this down to just 10 finalists per category. Year after year we see high-quality nominations coming in from the length and breadth of Scotland. This is a real testament to the businesses that live and work in these rural areas.”

Lorna Fleming, Co-founder of Laprig Valley said: “We are absolutely delighted to hear that we have been shortlisted at these great awards, and next to so many quality businesses. It is great to see our story being shared throughout Scotland and have the true meaning of artisan, celebrated.”

Laprig Valley are a Greenlaw based apple juice company producing single variety artisan apple juice from British apples. Their special apple juice varieties include Braeburn, Golden Delicious and Bramley. Their aim is to use exclusively Scottish grown apples in their products within the next few years.

They also produce a number of limited edition mixed juices, depending on the seasons, including Apple and Chilli and Apple and Rhubarb.

The traditional farming family consists of Jackie and Lorna Fleming who have produced apple juice since 2006.