COMMUNITY groups in Peeblesshire are being encouraged to apply for Localities Bid hand outs – as restrictions have been relaxed.

As previously reported, Scottish Borders Council has eased criteria for applications to its fund.

The local authority was forced back to the drawing board following a lack of entries for the £300,000 region-wide scheme.

Councillor Robin Tatler (Ind) is encouraging local groups to apply for a cash boost.

He said: “The second phase of the Localities Bid Fund which was postponed is now going to re-open again on January 7 for applications. We’ve made some changes, previously it had to be new project and now it can be existing projects, and you can even apply for funding towards staffing.

“It’s hopefully eased some of the restrictions that were there. The cap is £15,000 so it’s gone up £5,000 per constituted body. It would be nice to see if we could get projects supported here.”

He added: “Officers are willing to help, so if you’ve got something you want to put together feel free to give your councillor a shout and we will put those interested in touch with an officer that can provide advice.”