A DYSLEXIC Borders man has been “overwhelmed” with the support he has received following the release of his first book.

Michael Needham’s autobiography ‘Yellow Spaghetti’, hit the shelves in local stores in December.

And the author says it has also been a popular seller on Amazon.

Michael, who is from Peebles and lives in Galashiels, told us: “It was a difficult time for me around five years ago. That was when I discovered I was dyslexic and dyspraxic.

“I found out when I was working in a bank. I made a mistake and the manager gave me three options –get tested; continue as I am, but if I make any more mistakes I would probably end up having to leave; or leave straight away.

“After I found out, I wanted to try and turn it from being a negative to a positive.”

In the book Michael talks about his life and the trips he has taken around the world.

He added: “I have started at the very beginning – so far back, my mum has written the first chapter.

“I talk about having dyslexia and dyspraxia, about the wonderful places I have visited and also about standing as an independent candidate in the local elections in 2017.

“It was quite a strange way to come up with the title Yellow Spaghetti. Being a fan of Dumbarton FC, my favourite colour is yellow and as a child I was obsessed with Volkswagen Beetles. For some reason I called them ‘spaghettis’, so I thought I would put the two together.

“So far I have sold around 100 books, personally, and I have been overwhelmed by the feedback. I also got my first review on Amazon the other day which is great.

“I hope people enjoy the book and I am already planning to write another one. I want to call my next one ‘Travelling in the Dark’ and look at places which have a dark history.”

Yellow Spaghetti is available at Whitie’s in Peebles, Masons of Melrose or by order from any bookshop or Amazon.