THE true meaning of brotherly love has been shown by a big-hearted Peeblean who shaved his head in honour of his little sister, who is fighting leukaemia.

As previously reported in the Peeblesshire News, it was a heartbreaking start to the New Year for the Bisset family when they received devastating news that six year-old Charly had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

The brave youngster is undergoing chemotherapy at the Sick Kids hospital where she is said to be responding well to treatment.

After celebrating her seventh birthday in hospital last Thursday, the youngster was finally allowed to go home.

And on Sunday the unbreakable bond between siblings was shown in the most touching way.

Charly is losing her beautiful blonde hair due to her treatment, so in an act of heartwarming solidarity big brother Brandon had his head shaved.

And firmly in charge to make sure the job was done right was Charly, who took great delight in leaving her brother bald just in time for winter.

Brandon, 20, told the Peeblesshire News: “I wanted to do it so when her hair fell out due to the chemotherapy, she didn’t feel completely different and on her own. I wanted to show her that we are in it together.”

Charly’s father Mark said he and wife Kirsty, along with Brandon and sisters, Shannon, Chantelle, and Chelsea were over the moon to have her home.

He said: “She had a great day for her birthday. The nurses decorated her room at the hospital and even had presents for her. Charly was allowed home but we didn’t get out of the hospital until 5pm.

“When we got home she was really tired so we celebrated the day after. We decorated her room for her which was a nice surprise. She spends a lot of time in her room as she is extremely tired and has weak legs due to the chemo. Her big sisters have been fantastic and spend their time in the bedroom keeping Charly company.”

Charly’s bravery has touched the hearts of the Peebles community and many have shown their support via social media.

Speaking about the next steps in Charly’s fight against the disease, Mark said: “She is doing well but her immune system is really weak. She will return to hospital for more chemotherapy next week, and all going well she may be allowed back home again.”

Charly has proven she is a tough cookie as she nears the end of four weeks of intensive treatment and the family are feeling hopeful as they look towards the future.

Mark added: “Next week she has more bone marrow harvest surgery and a lumber puncture and depending on the results of that we will find out what the treatment plan is going forward.”