IMPROVEMENT work on an accident blackspot in Peeblesshire will be completed on schedule this summer.

Over the past decade, numerous accidents - several fatal - have occurred at Dirtpot Corner between Innerleithen and Peebles.

A project of works costing £2.2 million commenced last year to widen the carriageway and improve the road surface.

In addition, there will also be modern road safety fencing as well as a parapet.

Tweeddale Councillor Stuart Bell updated members of Peebles Community Council on the progress of the improvement scheme.

He said: “I took an opportunity to go and look at the works which are progressing at pace.

"They’ve been very fortunate in that they haven’t encountered a severe flooding event which would’ve caused them a lot difficulty.

"So they were building out lower down, they’ve now built up high enough so if there is a severe flooding it won’t slow the pace of what they are doing. They anticipate that work will be completed in the summer.”

But residents in surrounding houses have voiced concerns about speeding traffic.

Councillor Bell said: “I spoke to a number of residents at Nether Horsburgh who are concerned that once Dirtpot is widened there may be an increase in speeds.

"I am going to organise a conversation with officers closer to completion of that re-aliment in order to develop reassurance and check vehicle speeds.”