IMPROVEMENT works to problem pavements in Innerleithen is to be considered by Scottish Borders Council.

Tweeddale Councillor Stuart Bell is hoping to access funds so that repairs and accessibility for disabled pedestrians on Traquair Road can be carried out.

Councillor Bell was alerted to the problems by a member of the public who uses a mobility scooter.

He said: “Whilst there are some dropped kerbs on the east side of the road heading from the town down towards the river, there are what I call sunken kerbs on the west side because people have driven over them, but there’s not actually dropped kerbs in place.

"It’s actually quite a long list of problems including a broken section on the Traquair Bridge over the Tweed where this citizen has problems getting access.

“I’ve fed all of that to Jason’s Hedley’s team and just doing all the dropped kerbs on Traquair Road would take up most of the Small Schemes money for the whole of Tweeddale.

"I’ve suggested not to load this all onto Small Schemes and asked if there is a way there is a way to get some sort of funding, so they are going to do an assessment of what is needed.”

This raised a question from community councillors regarding the new path from Traquair Road, through the grounds of Traquair House, to the War Memorial.

Jackie Couchman said: “There is currently no footpath provision from the end of this path to Tweed Bridge which leaves a safety gap for users.

"I wondered if there is an intention for Traquair Estates to extend the safe passage to the Tweed Bridge.”

It was agreed that the Community Council write to Traquair Estates to establish if a future planned extension to the path is planned.