YOUNGSTERS from Tweeddale have raised almost £100 for the Cancer Research shop in Peebles.

Ruby Taylor, eight, and Taylor McDonald, 11, from Stobo, raised the cash through performing dance routines and selling apples to the community.

And the pair recently visited the charity’s outlet in the High Street to hand over their £95 takings.

Dawn Rodger, who is manager of the shop, said: “The girls had heard their mothers talking about two friends who worked at Stobo Castle.

“One of them had just lost her fight to cancer and the other had been diagnosed as terminally ill and has now sadly passed away.

“The girls were saddened by this news and wanted to do something positive.

“Through the school holidays the girls put on shows, dance recitals and did home baking.

“They managed to make approximately £56 at this point and decided to raise £100.”

“Ruby and Taylor put their heads together thinking of ideas to raise more money.”

That was when the girls decided to pick apples from Ruby’s family’s apple tree.

Dawn added: “They sold them for £1 per bag and made a notice for why they were raising this money.

“They took the fruit to the staff of Stobo Castle who gave generously.

“Ruby’s sister Orla, six, and Taylor’s brother Murray, eight, also donated their pocket money to the cause.

“I think they are inspiring and we would like to say a big thank you to the enterprising youngsters.”