AN ART Gallery in Peebles is hosting an exciting new exhibition showcasing Moy Mackay’s latest work and a selection of thought-provoking pieces by established visiting artists.

The exhibition, hosted at the Moy Mackay Gallery, features Moy’s renowned textured landscapes alongside a variety of exciting works.

Visitors can see new work by Roseanne Barr, where not the landscape itself but memory of it afterwards is the key concept.

Barr’s work aims to explore and capture the mood, emotion and colours of the place filtered “through the sands of lapsed time.”

Her distinctive abstract style is inspired by her direct experience of the North West seaboard of Scotland and of Orkney - areas that she has known since childhood.

In 2009 Rosanne was shortlisted for the Barclays TSB Jolomo Award and her work has been selected for the Annual Exhibitions of the Royal Glasgow Institute of The Fine Arts and Paisley Art Institute.

The work of Sonia Barton, characterised by the adding and removing of layers of texture, also features in the new exhibition.

She describes her work as being “inspired by aged and worn surfaces found in the natural and urban environments” and her work with texture evokes “a feeling of time and ebb and flow.”

The portraiture of Basia Roszak, whose work currently appears in collections across the globe from the USA to Japan, will provide visitors with another perspective on everyday life.

Her portraits depict ordinary scenes in an extraordinary way and have been described as “visionary, fresh, and powerfully evocative.”

The exhibition, which also features work by Sally Anne Fitter, Amanda Phillips, Jen Collee and Peter Jones, is running until May 10.