The Walkerburn Guild celebrated its 110th anniversary with a get-together in the village hall at the end of last month.

Members, friends, and visitors met up to celebrate the century-old guild with an afternoon tea and some entertainment.

Member Evelyn Grahame spoke to the Peeblesshire News about the history of the group, which survived the closure of the Parish of Walkerburn in 2009. She said: “The guild was an integral part of the village and the members were normally called upon to help with catering for other groups within the village.

“At the beginning they had no special place to meet and moved around the village quite a lot, until rooms within the church were found. This proved to be invaluable and gave them a special place of worship and a room for events over the years. They supported many projects throughout the 110 years, they went on yearly trips throughout the country, and the yearly coffee morning was welcomed by the villagers and was well-attended.”

At the event, two members received a long-service award. Ena Kellet and Mae Pearce have been in the Walkerburn Guild for 60 years and were awarded for their commitment to the group.

The guild is a significant part of the members’ lives. Evelyn said: “Living in a village, it’s always nice to be part of the church group, although we no longer have a church at Walkerburn. It’s always nice to be within your faith group and meet up with people.

“Personally, it’s been good for me, but I think it’s good for everybody of a certain age who don’t want to sit at home, meetings like that are good. It has meant a lot to me and the rest of the ladies.”

The group is a big part of the community in Walkerburn, and they occasionally get together with their neighbours, the Innerleithen Guild, for a joint meeting.

“We could do with younger people within our midst, but we meet on a Tuesday afternoon and most young people are working. But we meet up with Innerleithen next door, occasionally, and we all do our best to keep things going,” Evelyn added.