FOUNDING members of the Peebles Gutterbluids Society have been honoured with Long Service Awards.

Andrew (Drew) Fraser and William (Bill) Wallace were taken completely by surprise when engraved Quaichs and framed certificates were recently presented to them in recognition of their outstanding service and loyal commitment to the Society.

The Peebles Gutterbluids Society was reformed at a meeting of like-minded individuals held on December 15, 1974, in the Tontine Hotel, Peebles.

The meeting was was attended by George Thomson, Drew Fraser, Jimmy Raeburn, Jim Carruthers, and Bill Wallace.

After some discussion it was agreed there was a need for a local action group to improve local amenities in and around the Royal Burgh of Peebles by carrying out the work themselves.

They decided to form a Gutterbluids Society, having as its prime objective, ‘the best interests of the Burgh of Peebles’, with the motto ‘Deeds not words’.

The formal Constitution of Peebles Gutterbluids Society shows its Objects were to maintain and improve amenities within the Burgh by active participation and to undertake any other similar activities deemed appropriate by the Committee.

The original Gutterbluid Club was formed in 1823 and survived until the outbreak of the First World War before being resurrected in 1974 as the Peebles Gutterbluids Society.

During the years that the resuscitated Society has been in existence, thousands of voluntary hours by members and others giving assistance have been spent on a diverse range of projects, all aimed at maintaining or improving local amenities.

This labour of love for their town and fellow townspeople has been carried out on an entirely voluntary basis right from the start of the Society’s activities and remains so today, forty-five years on.

Throughout that period, Drew and Bill have proved to be loyal and active members committed to the original objectives of the Society.