This week's feature from Tweeddale Volunteers talks to Jan Cameron about St Ronan’s Wells Garden Volunteers

Tell us about your organisation.

I have been a volunteer gardener at St Ronan’s Wells in Innerleithen for about five years. There was no longer a paid gardener and it seemed the perfect opportunity for a group of volunteers to create a community garden. It is such a beautiful spot. The 'Wells' is an important cultural anchor to the people of Innerleithen. People remember playing as children or taking part in the Games ceremonies there. It’s also a beautiful venue for wedding photos. The garden and museum are now under the management of Live Borders.

What is your role as a volunteer?

There is a small group of us who meet every Thursday in this magical space. The declared topic is working in the garden but somehow we seem to 'put the world to rights' at the same time. The garden sits in its own microclimate and we are very seldom rained off, even through the winter.

Why do you volunteer?

We have such a lovely time every Thursday working alongside each other, each doing whatever job we fancy on the day. It’s great to go and beaver away and make a difference and when you look up, you notice that others have been making a difference where they have been working too. We have lunch together and sit and admire our work, listen to the birds and plan the next stage. It’s great to be outside working in nature, making a beautiful space and enjoying great company. You just feel better about yourself and more hopeful for the world. Once the season starts in April we have visitors to the garden from all over the world. It’s fun to chat and show them round.

How would someone get in touch if they wanted to volunteer with your organisation?

If you would like to join in, just come along to St Ronan’s Wells on a Thursday and have a chat. It would be great to see you.