THE future of Peeblesshire athletics is bright.

On Wednesday evening the fastest primary pupils in the region lined up at Whitestone Park for the historic County Sports.

And the standard was as high as ever with continuous eye-catching performances.

Congratulating all of the winners was recently retired Priorsford janitor Stuart Robertson, who, along with his wife Liz, presented all of the prizes on the evening.

Lesley Ireland, secretary of the organising Peeblesshire Schools’ Athletics Association, told us: "We are grateful for the help of all teachers who acted as officials and judges.

"Thanks are also due to Broughton, Eddleston and Halyrude Primary Schools for the teas and coffees, and a big thank you must go to Stuart Robertson and his wife, Elizabeth, for presenting the winners with their medals and trophies.

"Mr Robertson retired from being Priorsford’s much loved ‘Jannie’ recently and it was lovely to see him back amongst his friends, colleagues and pupils."

This year's County Sports were sponsored by Michael Ireland of Walker Scott Ireland, Chartered Surveyors and Estate Agents in Peebles.

50 metres

Girls, P1: 1. Emily Edge, Kingsland, 2. Isobel Robertson, Priorsford, 3. Annie Moore, Kingsland.

Boys, P1: 1. Torin Urie, Priorsford, 2. Charlie Lindsay, Kingsland, 3. Danny Nicol, Kingsland.

Girls, P2: 1. Eriska Drysdale, West Linton, 2. Ada McLaren, West Linton, 3. Hannah Dixon, Priorsford.

Boys, P2: 1. Finn Campbell, St Ronan's, 2. Findlay Wyllie, Newlands, 3. Robin Hammond, Kingsland

75 metres

Girls, P3: 1. Madison Smith, Kingsland, 2. Sadie Ackerman, Kingsland, 3. Chloe Baker, St. Ronan's.

Boys, P3: 1. Struan Wood, Broughton, 2. Robbie Turner, St Ronan's, 3 Brodie Sainsbury, Kingsland.

Girls, P4: 1. Eliana Herd, Kingsland, 2. Mirren Brown, Priorsford, 3. Nina McDowell, Priorsford.

Boys, P4: 1. Rory Smith, St Ronan's, 2. Freddie Wilson, St Ronan's, 3. Robert Horton, St Ronan's.

Girls, P5 (Jubilee Trophy): 1. Rana Istephan, Kingsland, 2. Emma Wyllie, Newlands, 3. Isla Ritchie, Newlands.

Boys, P5 (Jubilee Trophy): 1. Joah Hilton, Priorsford, 2. Ben Rainey, Priorsford, 3. Flynn Bain, Halyrude.

100 metres

Girls, P6 (P.S.A.A Cup): 1. Ava Girdler, West Linton, 2. Tiegan Gibb, St Ronan's, 3. Macy Mackenzie, Kingsland.

Boys, P6 (A & A Caldwell Cup): 1. Liam Irvine, St Ronan's, 2. Andrew Black, Priorsford, 3. Alfie King, Broughton.

Girls, P7 (Shiphorn Quarry Cup): 1. Eve Rathie, St Ronan's, 2. Lucie Campbell, West Linton, 3. Molly Nethercot, Priorsford.

Boys, P7 (Shiphorn Quarry Cup): 1. Aaron Glendinning, St Ronan's, 2. Josh Landers, St Ronan's, 3. Rory McHaffie, West Linton.

300 metres

Girls, P7 (Peebles Ex Servicemen’s Cup): 1. Molly Nethercot, Priorsford, 2. Caitlin Clyde, Kingsland, 3. Gracie Linton, Priorsford.

Boys, P7 (Northern Rock Building Society Cup) 1. Aaron Glendinning, St Ronan's, 2. Josh Landers, St Ronan's, 3. Kieran Fulton, Kingsland.

Mixed Inter-School Relay

Small Schools P4/5 (Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Cup): 1. Broughton, 2. Newlands, 3. Halyrude.

P5 (Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Cup): 1. Priorsford, 2. Kingsland, 3. West Linton.

Girls in Small Schools (Bill Moffat Trophy): 1. Broughton, 2. Newlands, 3. Halyrude.

Boys in Small Schools (Bill Moffat Trophy): 1. Broughton, 2. Newlands, 3. Eddleston.

Girls, P6 (Dunfermline Building Society Cup): 1. Kingland, 2. Priorsford, 3. St. Ronan's.

Boys, P6 (Ramsay Smith’s Coronation Cup): 1. Priorsford, 2. Kingsland, 3. St. Ronan's .

Girls, P7 (Horsburgh Memorial Quaich): 1. Priorsford, 2. St. Ronan's, 3. Kingsland.

Boys, P7 (Susan Ridley Quaich): 1. St. Ronan's, 2. Priorsford, 3. Kingsland.